Carin Jora 卡琳乔拉|全新总厅大不同的艺术馆打造




Carin Jora卡琳乔拉和融润的联手,在2700平米的建筑空间中延续奢侈品“艺术馆”为设计原点和视觉表达,通过产品自身的特性,在空间上融入当代文化的艺术,让光影,色彩,功能等成为展厅的设计主题。

Carin Jora and Ronrun have joined forces to continue the luxury "art gallery" as the design origin and visual expression in the 2,700-square-meter building space. Through the characteristics of the product itself, it integrates the art of contemporary culture in the space, allowing light and shadow, Color, function, etc. become the design theme of the exhibition hall.


设计的开端,始于要通过空间来表达一家公司的视野。作为公司展厅兼办公空间,项目设计的难度在于如何展示,当人走进这个空间感受到什么,通过每个空间不同的设计旋律,创造多种可能的体验。Carin Jora卡琳乔拉专注品质、苛求细节在本次总部展厅的设计合作上选择与国际多个顶级品牌指定合作商的融润来进行整体呈现。

The beginning of design begins with expressing a company's vision through space. As a company exhibition hall and office space, the difficulty of project design lies in how to display, what people feel when they walk into this space, and create a variety of possible experiences through the different design melodies of each space. Carin Jora focused on quality and demanded details. In the design cooperation of the exhibition hall of the headquarters, she chose Ronrun, a designated partner of many top international brands, for the overall presentation.

融润超级定制 X

Carin Jora卡琳乔拉

项目名称:Carin Jora卡琳乔拉展厅办公室项目






Project Name: Carin Jora Showroom Office Project

Project content: Carin Jora showroom design, office design, interior design

Project area: 2700 square meters

Project location: Guangzhou·Huadu

Project time: 2022

Designer: Ronrun Design


本次项目融润设计团队主要围绕Carin Jora卡琳乔拉独特的风格故事 —— 以“简约不等于简单”的设计语言与精致的元素共存于同一空间中,既链向一种更普适于现代审美的风格性格,也回应着Carin Jora卡琳乔拉的品牌内核质感。

The Ronrun design team of this project mainly revolves around the unique style story of Carin Jora—the design language of "simplicity does not mean simplicity" coexists with exquisite elements in the same space, which not only links to a more common modern style The aesthetic style character also responds to the core texture of the brand of Carin Jora.




Brand Front Office





对空间和产品的体验接触,从展厅前台区域即开始;利用展厅入场区域,我们打造出一个简洁大气又有设计特色的接待区域。深灰色系岩板结构的前台,背景墙以镂空花瓣透出的光共同营造出一份雅致且简洁、柔和且利落的空间区域,大圆形的吊灯装饰呼应着Carin Jora卡琳乔拉的品牌调性。

Experience contact with space and products starts from the front desk area of the exhibition hall. Using the entrance area of the exhibition hall, we created a simple and elegant reception area. The front desk with dark gray rock slab structure and the background wall create an elegant, simple, soft and neat space area with the light from the hollow petals on the background wall. The large round chandelier decoration echoes the brand tone of Carin Jora sex.


Outer facade




The facade of the exhibition hall is integrated into the facade with a simple geometric array pattern formed by horizontal and vertical fine lines and special techniques such as wired glass; the door frame is made of rose metal, and the simple lines form a gorgeous figure. Rose metal and wired glass technology, With the blessing of lighting, a focused and rich visual hierarchy is created.



Carin Jora卡琳乔拉标识以中英文组合的形式出现在门头顶部,作为品牌特定视觉符号而存在。整体上更为轻盈与通透,进一步弱化了内外空间的边界感。

The Carin Jora logo appears on the top of the door in the form of a combination of Chinese and English, and exists as a brand-specific visual symbol. On the whole, it is lighter and more transparent, further weakening the sense of boundary between internal and external spaces.


Showroom space



The space design of the exhibition hall adopts noble and elegant off-white as the main color, and at the same time, the soft decoration is embellished with brand brown and high-grade black to extract the color and material of the brand's intrinsic attributes, so that the visual tone of the space has an appropriate and rhythmic carrier. Bring the space back to the origin of the brand.





In the exhibition hall, a more specific showcase technology system and brand strength display are implanted to make the overall space more professional and regional; With unique material texture and artistic taste, the showcase goes deeper from the outside to the inside to mobilize emotions, so as to better appreciate the products and convey vivid perceptions.





Every showcase displayed in the exhibition hall, every chair placed, and every detail are extremely exquisite, full of aesthetics and art, and at the same time, the needs of customers can be carefully cared for by the design. The more tidy and arrayed product display optimizes the customer's shopping experience.




“颜值”与“感性”之外,连接消费者对于购买选购的功能需求 ,在消费者逛店进程中明确传递出奢侈品的核心价值的感知。

In addition to "appearance" and "sensibility", it connects consumers' functional needs for purchasing and purchasing, and clearly conveys the perception of the core value of luxury goods in the process of shopping for consumers.





The aisles leading to other areas are subtly placed in the window view, so that the display atmosphere of the whole space is soft and natural;The simple grille, through the space display design, carries the story of the product and delicate humanistic care.





We firmly believe that the most essential core value of brands and products has the power of continuous regeneration. Customer experience, products and scenes are indispensable. The space design of this project revolves around the luxury "art gallery". The simple but not simple design language meets the "luxury" consumption scene of consumers' aesthetics. Whether it is a product scene or a functional area in the space, you can feel the beauty of the design that has been carefully crafted.